44 Live: Winery Expectations

Apr. 28, 2017

To say that if you’ve visited one winery, you’ve visited them all, is like saying I went to my kid’s youth football game last Friday, so I know what a Sunday at Lambeau Field is like on Packer’s gameday, ridiculous. But, there are common themes that go along with any winery visit, such as etiquette, atmosphere, and of course, the wine.

There are significant differences between visiting Napa Valley or Sonoma’s most famous vineyard and wineries, and visiting a local estate winery in western Washington or northeast Wisconsin. A larger scale winery can be intimidating to folks embarking on their first wine tasting experience, so if that’s the case, stick to local vineyards and wineries where you can explore your taste without the pressures of knowing everything about wine.

Depending on the region, a winery’s etiquette can fluctuate from a suit and tie atmosphere to a casual weekday lunch break visit, but one thing every winery wants to do is make visitors feel as comfortable as possible. Often times the smaller wineries’ winemakers and owners serve the tasting, in which case you fully receive the unique experience that winery offers. It’s also helpful to come with at least a little wine knowledge, such as what kind of wine you think you prefer so you can get the most out of the experience.

Often times the tasting room associates have the most outgoing, understanding and punctual personalities, which allows for ease of tension and can maximize the tasting experience.

Lastly and most importantly, each and every winery experience will revolve around the wine and the story that winery offers. Depending on the region, time of year and specific day, you could spend most time in the tasting room, in which case you hope the wine is above and beyond expectations, or you could spend hours sipping a couple glasses overlooking or walking through a gorgeous vineyard.

A great story and atmosphere can make any glass of wine taste and feel better, so while you’re at a winery take it all in and savor every sip. At Parallel 44 and Door 44, not only are you experiencing Wisconsin grown wine, but you also indulge in the culture of wine pioneers who are eager to forge their place in the global wine world. A well-blended mixture of high quality wine, regional culture and exceptional service brings every Parallel 44 and Door 44 glass to it’s maximum potential.

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