44 Live: Wine Label Design

May. 02, 2017

There are three main elements every wine bottle should include and based off those elements wineries and winemakers are able to distinctly separate their products. 

The often overlooked but most important element is what the TTB requires, including the GOVERNMENT WARNING. This highlights that women should not drink alcohol during pregnancy and that alcohol impairs your ability to drive and operate machinery. Obviously. Be smart people. They also require the amount of liquid, the amount of alcohol by volume (ABV) and ingredients included that may cause harm to people (sulfites, peanuts, soy, etc…).

The second element is the story of the wine itself and which varietal(s) it came from. Often, this element is shown as the name of the wine, but the term fanciful wine signifies a different name that better represents the feeling or region of the grapes such as Bubbler, Frozen Tundra or Drink Pink.

The third element is the story of the winery. This may include history, family, or geographical significance and often represents a line of wines in the same category. Parallel 44 represents all Vintner’s Choice Club wines with the same label that describes the beauty behind the business and why the club wines are unique.

The artistic design shows visually what the wine represents. This additional element is often a piece of the winemaker or owner’s artistic expression. 

A combination of these elements creates what you see when you’re walking down the wine aisle a the grocery store, perusing through a wineries varietals, or just admiring a bottle that’s been in your cabinet for years. Every bottle of wine offers a story and the label is the most simplistic representation of that story. 

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