44 Live: Wine Club Wednesday

Apr. 19, 2017

Reasons to join our exclusive Vintner's Choice Club

(1) First of all it's just down right fun.  If you love wine you will love the excitement of getting that package in the mail each quarter.  Especially when it comes to receiving wines from Parallel 44.

(2) The mere fact that you get to enjoy wines from a new region of the world that most people are not a part of is amazing in itself.  Our wine club is adventuresome and allows you to explore your tastes throughout the entire year.  

(3) Food and wine pairings.  Each quarter we give you three recipes to pair with your wines.  We keep them simple and fun.  What a great way to share your love for wine and food with your friends at your next get together or just figure out what you like in regards to the types of foods with what wines.

(4) Never ending supply of wine is never a bad thing.  Just when you think you have run out, your package arrives. Plus there is no commitment, no fee to join, and the benefits are amazing!!

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