44 Live: Temperature and Glass Grip

May. 09, 2017

When it comes to enjoying the full potential of a wine, temperature serves as a key component, and how you hold your glass can affect temperature.

As with any component of wine production and wine etiquette, elements may vary across wineries and across varietals. For hardy midwest grapes, white wines tend to advocate fruity aromatics, while reds tend to linger on your palate.

A cooler temperature enhances fruit forward aromatics and a room temperature enhances tasting flavors. When your hand cusps the bottom of a glass, it will equalize that content to your skin temperature, causing it to rise, which is ok for reds. If you hold your glass by the stem, you avoid skin contact and slow the increase in temperature - ideal for whites.

Once again the word balance comes into play and the notion of individual preference trumps all other factors. Drink wine how you like to and take every suggestion with a grain of salt. Cheers!

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