44 Live: Summer Food Pairings

Apr. 21, 2017


As we approach summer and Mother Nature offers us a couple sunny weekends, we start to fire up the grills, plan picnics and enjoy the backyard atmosphere. Whether it's steaks, brats or burgers on the grill, pretzels, chips and finger food to pick through, or a light fruity salad to get the event started, there are certain wines that can enhance every summer food experience. 

A wine or a food each on its own has a certain flavor, but when you combine the two, they create a completely new flavor.  Pairing wine and food should be a fun and tasty experience, but often people feel anxious about pairing, as if there are rules that cannot be broken.  

First, always eat what you like and drink what you like.  Even if you are told that something pairs perfectly, if you don’t like the flavors on their own, you are not going to like the flavors when they come together.  

Next, don’t be afraid to explore.  With food and wine pairings, there are only guidelines, no rules.  Everyone tastes things differently, so your palate never lies -- let it be your own personal guide.  

One guideline, crisp white wines or light bodied red wines pair well with a large variety of foods, making it easy to explore.  So, these kinds of wines are great for every day drinking.  For example, our Frozen Tundra White and Original are perfect everyday wines that pair with a wide range of foods.

Bold and oaky reds have their place with bold foods such as wild game stew or grilled steak, but they can overpower the flavors of delicate foods such as salads or light cheeses. With your burgers and steaks try our Frozen Tundra Red which has a little sweetness but is full bodied and can handle bold foods.  If you want something drier, try our Vintner’s reserve with your bold foods. 

In most cases, look to lighter wines to pair with food.  Italian, French and Wisconsin grapes tend to produce red wines that are lighter and slightly acidic and white wines that are crisper, making wines from these regions perfect pairs for a variety of foods including foods with red tomato sauce such as pizza or pasta, creamy cheese (even cheese curds), seafood, pork chops, and chicken. 

Cheers and Bon Appetit!  

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