44 Live: Oak vs Steel

Apr. 17, 2017


At Parallel 44 and Door 44 in order to properly ferment and age our wine, we need to be very strategic in order to get that fruit forward taste that people know and love. Using stainless steel tanks we can monitor the temperature of each wine precisely. For many of our reds and a few of our whites we are able to infuse the wine with oak staves, which give the same rich, natural balancing effects as a barrel would.

The main difference between using oak staves in your wine versus fermenting it in traditional barrels is the oxidation levels. Because of the natural spaces in the wooden barrel, the wine is allowed to breathe more which can be good or bad depending on the taste and feel you are going for.

  • By using insertion of staves we can precisely monitor the levels of oak flavor being extracted and avoid wines that are over-oaked.
  • By using stainless steel we achieve and maintain the aromatics and forward flavors of our white and many of our reds.

At Parallel 44 and Door 44 we use both a modern and traditional approach to make world class wines from local grapes.

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