44 Live: 4 Keys to Food & Wine

May. 03, 2017

Pairing wine with food doesn’t have to be a scary thing and you shouldn’t feel intimidated or be afraid to try different combinations. For those of you starting out here are a few tips that will help you with pairing wine and food.

Tip #1 Match Body

When choosing a which wine should go with a dish, consider if the dish is light or heavy. You don’t want the dish to overpower the wine or vis versa. So if you are having hearty beef stew you don’t want to pair it with a light white wine.  You want the wine and the food to complement each other and bring out the best in both of them.  

Tip # 2 Acidity & Fat

For fattier foods like cheese and sausage, your going to want to choose a wine that is higher in acidity. The acidity in wine will cut through the fat in these types of foods and creates a contrast that livens up both the wine and food.

Tip #3 Sweet & Spicy 

When looking for a wine to pair with a spicy food, you’ll want to choose a wine that has a little more sweetness to it. The sweetness of the wine will tame the heat of spicy dishes. Make sure when pairing a wine with a spicy dish to avoid any wine with a lot of tannins. A high tannin wine will actually end up intensifying the spice in the food because they act as an irritant. 

Tip #4 Enjoy 

This last tip is by far the most important one to remember. Eat what you like and drink what you like and don’t be afraid to experiment. No matter if the pairing you come up with goes against the “rules”.  Everyone has different tastes and like different combinations, as long as you enjoy the combination than you have made a successful food and wine pairing. 

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