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Bubbler: Parallel 44 first produced Bubbler in 2014. Maria has always been a sparkling wine fan, dedicated to convincing others that sparkling wine should be for everyday drinking and not just for holidays and special occasions. Steve felt the Upper Midwest could be known for sparkling wine production, since the traditional Champagne regions have generally cooler summers and shorter growing seasons, similar to Wisconsin. This semi-dry, fruity and balanced effervescent wine is uniquely Wisconsin, just like the word “Bubbler.” Bubbler is smooth with tropical fruit and citrus notes. This wine pairs well with everyday living, so open a bottle and enjoy some Wisconsin fun! Also good with salty foods, bold cheeses, chicken, seafood, and salads.

44 Rosè: This wine was produced exclusively for our Vintner’s Choice Club Members. 44 Rosè represents the unique expressions that make Wisconsin famous for world-class rosè wines. Rosè wines are made from red grapes, but in a white wine making style. The process of pressing the grapes immediately after harvest and before fermentation leaves you with a lighter color wine. The minimal skin contact with the juice of the grape results in much greater aromatics and flavor. Rosè wines are among the fastest growing wine styles in the world and Wisconsin has the perfect climate to make balanced and aromatic rosès. This beautiful rosè offers a crisp and multi-layered expression of red and blue fruits with a hint of citrus aromatics. Perfect for salads and fish. A wine you can drink all day. “ROSÈ ALL DAY!”

Nouveau Rouge: Back by popular demand, this wine was originally made for the first time in 2007 when we opened our doors. Over the years, this popular wine has been a semi-sweet blend of red varietals that reflected the popular flavor profiles enjoyed by our customers. This 2017 vintage is primarily Wisconsin and primarily Frontenac. Nouveau Rouge means “New Red” in French and this wine shows the evolving taste preferences of modern wine drinkers who crave a wine that is approachable, balanced, and full of flavor. It’s a New Red Wine from a New Wine World Region of the world. Nouveau Rouge is best slightly chilled to help bring out its cherry-like flavors, aromatics and its refreshing acidity. It is a perfect wine to enjoy year round because of its thirst quenching acidity. Enjoy with chicken, burgers, or pizza, or on its own on a warm sunny Wisconsin day.

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Saturday, December 8th

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