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Our story begins at 44° North Latitude, home of many world renowned grape growing and winemaking regions, such as Tuscany and Bordeaux.Follow this line through Wisconsin and you will find the newest wine region and two great wineries,Parallel 44 and Door 44. Owners, Steve and Maria,early on, envisioned this as the next great wine region. With courage they planted our grapes and built our wineries, in order to bring you the award-winning wines that our place in the world produces. Today, our passion continues, as we discover the best grapes and wine styles from this new wine region. We invite you to visit both wineries and explore your vision, explore your passion and...Explore Your Taste!

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Special Hours at Parallel 44 & Door 44 Wineries:

Due to Frozen Tundra Wine Fest, Parallel 44 will be opened on Saturday, February 25th from 12 - 6 pm for the event only (ticket required) and closed on Sunday, February 26th. Door 44 Winery will be closed Saturday, February 25th and Sunday, February 26th.  





8th Annual Frozen Tundra Wine Fest

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Noon - 6 pm 

Tickets $15/person

Annual OUTDOOR WINE FEST to celebrate our hardy Wisconsin grapes that can survive our harsh winters, yet produce award winning wines! Our Frozen Tundra Wine Fest is a perfect way to introduce wine fans to the unique quality wines that can be produced in this part of the world, while at the same time embracing the uniqueness of living on the Frozen Tundra of Northeast Wisconsin.


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Note: Due to the popularity of this event and space limitations, tickets MUST be purchased in advance and will NOT be available at the door.

 IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PARKING: This year Mother Nature has thrown us an unforeseen melting of our famous Frozen Tundra. However, Frozen Tundra Fest will go on despite the weather. Since the field, where we normally park cars, is currently a muddy mess we have had to make a change to the parking. You will only be able to park along the west side of Sleepy Hollow Road (the same side as the winery) and Pine Grove Road, per law enforcement we are only able to have parking on one side of the road. For those who don’t want to park along side of the road, we also have limited additional parking available at the Agricultural Heritage & Resources Center, located about 6 miles east of the winery. We will be running a shuttle bus approximately every 15 minutes to and from the Heritage center to the winery from 12 -6 pm. Last shuttle back to the heritage center will be at 5:45 pm. To decrease wait time at the shuttle or decrease walking distance, we suggest carpooling as much as possible and dropping off most of your guests at the winery entrance before parking.  We apologize for the inconvenience but please know we are doing everything to make this event as fun as possible. We look forward to seeing you and are grateful for your cooperation.

Wine Wisdom

Each week take a journey with co-owner and winemaker Steve as he takes you behind the scenes of the wine-making process, debunks wine myths, shares his thoughts on wine and more. New videos come out every Thursday.

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