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Awarded Best Winesin Wisconsin 2014, 2015, & 2016

Locally Grown - World Class Quality 

From vine to glass, our mission is to create world-class quality wines, made from grapes grown here in our own vineyard or other vineyards in Wisconsin.  We offer a wide selection of award-winning wines that celebrate the true terroir of  Wisconsin. 

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Our story begins at 44° North Latitude, home of many world renowned grape growing and winemaking regions, such as Tuscany and Bordeaux. Follow this line through Wisconsin and you will find the newest wine region and two great wineries,Parallel 44 and Door 44. Owners, Steve and Maria,early on, envisioned this as the next great wine region. With courage they planted our grapes and built our wineries. Today, our passion continues, as we discover the best grapes and wine styles from this new wine region.
We invite you to visit both wineries and explore your vision, explore your passion and...Explore Your Taste!



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